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Update – The Sydney property market furnace, could be just a sham. Agents blatantly talking up the price. The agent was quoting mid-$800ks. OMG.  I am updating my earlier comment. Would you want to buy it? Would you be mad to think it is worth that?

Take out the furniture that they hope to increase the price with and you get a very cute character house. No outdoor garden, but perfect for a single/couple. Change the upper room to an extra lounge and hello.  Damn this market.

But, just for some price point, this place sold earlier in the year at $781k, but it has a land size of 95msq. Compared to the place we are looking at now of 65sqm. Mmmmm.
What do you think?

And just for another point of view, this fully renovated cottage  (also here) around the block sold for $860k and it is 57sqm.




Home – Mix / City

I am quite liking this apartment, as it is on the top floor, north facing and has a good floorplan. Also, there are a lot of facilities in this block, which, though expensive (strata fees are around $1400), I think if you use them, they would ultimately be beneficial. Good investment no? I think they are asking around $720k. Worth it? Check this link for rent comparisons. Oh and here is a similar unit’s price history.



Home – Mix / City

Wow, wouldn’t this be a nice project, and am guessing done right eventually a good investment. If it was mine, I would essentially make it liveable at first. Repair what needed to be repaired, essentially keeping what was there, but if it needed replacing, doing so. A lot of cleaning would be involved and a good lick of paint at the end to make it fresh. Then down the track doing a complete renovation.

Update – Sold for $780k.

And now next door is up for auction – here. (It was sold in 2009 for $672k here)

I am guessing it will go for around $750k. Actually, I am now updating it to $800k, due to the sale price of this property. It is Paddington people!

For price guides I went looking and found the below. Yes they are 2013 and 2012 prices, but given the state of the property and the market we are in, I think that is what it would go for. Lets wait and see shall we.

1 Gipps St, Paddington – Sold for $760,000
20 Rose Terrace Paddington – Sold $720,000
195 Underwood Street Paddington – Sold for $767,000
2 Hargrave Lane Paddington – Sold for $790,000



Home – City / Mix

Another one-bed workers cottage has hit the market. The selling features were written as…. Nestled in a quiet street with parks, shops and transport nearby, this original single storey terrace represents a true entry level opportunity for first home buyers, and a well-located proposition for investors.

What are your views on it? Too much to take on? An ugly duckling?

Good news – SOLD for $746k.

I think with a bit of a spruse up it could look like this.

I would turn the front room into the living area, keeping it simple and clutter free, shown below.

For the bedroom, which they say is in the front room, it doesn’t appear to have a wall to make it a room. I would move the bed to the second room, and close it up. But if that was a little costly, I would either add a curtain rail extending from the walls to close the room or change the style of bed to a 4 poster with curtains that can extend across, like the below.

It is great that it has a separate dining room. I would just include a create lampshade like the below.

The kitchen, tiny but function, might only need a colour hit, like black gloss.

For the bathroom, perhaps some new tap ware and paint would be sufficient.

And then for the courtyard, a new set of fresh plants, that could grow and cover the view of the back apartments.

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Well, it is not entirely a dump, but close to it. You still have an outside dunny! The good features are the location (inner-city living), scope for (a whole lot of) improvement, and a reasonably-sized courtyard which looks to be north-east facing. (SOLD $780k)

On a minimal budget, the first thing to do would be to add a toilet to the bathroom. Then, I would knock out the wall separating the kitchen and the back hallway, to make that bigger so as to incorporate a dining table in the kitchen area. Then if there was a little more in the kitty, I would extend the back covered area out and make that another living area, blocking off the bathroom window (I would put a skylight window in the bathroom instead). I would also look to the attic to see if that can be cleaned and create a storage area for future use. Obviously the whole place would need to be fumigated, re-painted and new carpet installed.
For the living I would go with a clean, simple look with light pastel colours. 

I would also add a bookshelf to the hallway wall.

For the bedroom, keeping the clean lines look, I would paint the room a light grey, like below, and install curtains from the ceiling to floor.
In the new kitchen/dining area, I would strip all the cupboards out and buy some second-hand stainless-steel appliances, paint the walls black and add open shelving like the below.
The bathroom/laundry would finally include a toilet and likely it would need to be re-tiled so I would keep it simple, like below.
For the new larger back room, hopefully it could be extended just enough that it would become a multi-functional study/guest room with bi-fold glass doors that open out to the couryard.

Then with some TLC over a while, I would change the backyard to a clean and modern look.
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Home – City/Mix

Who wants a mortgage? Not me. So on that note, I am trying to suck it up and think small scale and little debt when finding an future home, which I hope will lead to a more fuller life. So this Paddington apartment caught my attention. It could be a good investment for its size, location as well as having a car park. Though it is south facing and on the ground floor, with little aspect and natural light, it has scope for some improvements on a small budget scale.

So looking at the above, this is what I would do to change it.

Firstly I would move the kitchen to the nook that is the dining room then knock down the kitchen walls and open it all up. I would also put mirrors on the kitchen splashbacks.

Given that I have moved the kitchen and opened the room up, I would change the whole flooring to a light wood and paint the ceiling a white gloss. 
So where the kitchen was I would put the dining area.
Then for the living area a simple set up like this.
For the small balcony, I would fill with tall pot plants from one of the examples below.

Then for the bedroom, this one is grabbing my attention at present.
Not sure what state the bathroom is in, but if there was more in the kitty I would make it more neutral, like the below.
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For around $579k you can currently get in Balmain, a one bed and bath apartment with car park. And below is what it looks like. In November 2011, a similar sized apartment in the block (#3) sold for $410k, and it didn’t have a car park.


Yes, it is totally liveable for now, but going forward this is what I would do.

Firstly, I would open up the kitchen from the entrance which would give more room for the dining table. Then I would paint the bottom cupboards black and the tiles and top cupboards white. Also I would put some drop lights in.

For the living/dining, not much is needed, but maybe a fresh lick of paint, white on the ceiling and grey on the walls. I would give it a modern vibe with the furniture and a few punchy colours.

For the bedroom, I would adjust the curtain length to drop from the ceiling to the floor and bring in some lighter colours.

If the budget allowed, I would go modern and sleek with the bathroom and remove the bath.

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Below is a north facing Erskineville apartment with potential. I think with some simple changes and a lot of work in the garden, it could be a good investment.

So looking at the above pictures, this is what I would do. Firstly paint the floorboards a matte white.  For the kitchen, paint the cupboards a black matte and change the benchtop to white.

Inject some wood into the dining area via the table below with a light feature shown.

Add a comfy neutral coloured couch.

The bedroom walls to be painted grey and some sheer curtains from the ceiling to the floor, with venetian blinds on the windows.
Paint the garden wall black and bring in lots of plants to create a private oasis.
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Home – Mix / City

Another 2 bed and 2 bath city (Surry Hills) apartment is on the market. Though slightly smaller than the one just posted, it too has a good floor plan, though missing a dining room and not much aspect from the balcony.

If I was to live in it, I would like to do a proper re-vamp of the interiors, and thus I would like it to look like the following.

For the kitchen cabinets, I would paint them a black matte colour, like the below, and add a feature light over the bench.

For the living dining area, I would place the couch so that it is looking out to the balcony and then have the tv on a cabinet against the wall next to the master bedroom.

Then the dining table, would be against the wall coming from the entry way and I would add either a painting to the wall, or a shelf like the below.


For the bedroom, I would paint the walls grey like below and add soft sheer curtains.

For the balcony, I would add plenty of pots and tall plants to create a screen to add privacy.

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