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In my searches for small apartments, I found these four beauties to ponder about. For one, you get a before and now look which gives you a good idea on how dark paint works. The second and third are white bachelorette apartments. The fourth a fantastic studio in London. Then below is a good article on how to make a small apartment look huge.

This 300 sq foot / 27 sqm NY apartment is actually 2 bedrooms.

Here is the apartment now. It has gone from dark to white.Do you prefer the change? I think I like the kitchen the way it was before.

If you like the small and white interiors, then this next apartment will suit you. This is another 300sq feet / 27sqm apartment. More pictures are here

A white 430sqf/40sqm apartment using a palette of white paint and plywood.

Found here

A 290sqf / 27sqm studio in London

Found here

How to make a small apartment look huge. Or tips for living in a small space. How about some other tips on interior design.

Found here

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