Home – City/Mix

Who wants a mortgage? Not me. So on that note, I am trying to suck it up and think small scale and little debt when finding an future home, which I hope will lead to a more fuller life. So this Paddington apartment caught my attention. It could be a good investment for its size, location as well as having a car park. Though it is south facing and on the ground floor, with little aspect and natural light, it has scope for some improvements on a small budget scale.

So looking at the above, this is what I would do to change it.

Firstly I would move the kitchen to the nook that is the dining room then knock down the kitchen walls and open it all up. I would also put mirrors on the kitchen splashbacks.

Given that I have moved the kitchen and opened the room up, I would change the whole flooring to a light wood and paint the ceiling a white gloss. 
So where the kitchen was I would put the dining area.
Then for the living area a simple set up like this.
For the small balcony, I would fill with tall pot plants from one of the examples below.

Then for the bedroom, this one is grabbing my attention at present.
Not sure what state the bathroom is in, but if there was more in the kitty I would make it more neutral, like the below.
All pictures are pinned here.

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