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Another 2 bed and 2 bath city (Surry Hills) apartment is on the market. Though slightly smaller than the one just posted, it too has a good floor plan, though missing a dining room and not much aspect from the balcony.

If I was to live in it, I would like to do a proper re-vamp of the interiors, and thus I would like it to look like the following.

For the kitchen cabinets, I would paint them a black matte colour, like the below, and add a feature light over the bench.

For the living dining area, I would place the couch so that it is looking out to the balcony and then have the tv on a cabinet against the wall next to the master bedroom.

Then the dining table, would be against the wall coming from the entry way and I would add either a painting to the wall, or a shelf like the below.


For the bedroom, I would paint the walls grey like below and add soft sheer curtains.

For the balcony, I would add plenty of pots and tall plants to create a screen to add privacy.

All pictures pinned here

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