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I am only 5 months into using a digital mobile and controversially, it is not an iPhone. So everything is new to me. But I have noticed that there are a lot more people/blogs that are coming out with Apps not just for iPhones, but Android as well.

Alas, I don’t want to be dependent solely on my mobile, so I am noting them for reference below, just in case. But a detailed list of them are here.

Happier: (Avail on Android) Upload an image, write a comment to describe that moment that made you happy today and then you can choose to share or keep that moment private
Steller: (Avail on Android) A new social media app that lets you create beautiful stories and share them with friends and followers
The Official Metropolitan Museum of Art App: There are great photos, tours of physical spaces without the museum (and The Cloisters), and “Staff Picks,” which let you see the collections through the eyes of the people who know them best
Hyperlapse: An app from Instagram that lets you create your own time lapse videos with your phone
Party Party: You can take new photos (or import photos from your archive) and turn them into tiny animated clips you can share online
Afterlight: Lets you adjust all sorts of settings, add filters and crop and shape images into just about anything you like.
Stitcher: Basically an Internet radio that lets you listen to your favourite podcasts whenever you like.
Timefull: An organizational app where you can add daily goals like exercising more or small chores like walking the dog, but you can also update and manage your day-to-day schedule and add alerts for pressing events.
CitizenMe: An interesting app that scans ALL the apps on your phone to tell you about policies in them you should be aware of and shows you how to change your settings if you’re currently sharing something you were unaware of or don’t want to do anymore.
BuyPartisan: No matter what your political affiliation is (if any), this app will let you scan the bar code of ANY product (maybe US only) and can immediately tell you about that company, their donation behavior, how they pay their employees and what PACs they belong to is pretty amazing.

Whilst we are on apps, lets talk about Instagram. There are so many people to follow. Who do you follow and why? I mainly go for the creative ones. Here are a few lists to get you started:

14 Florists to follow on Instagram – found here
16 Photographers to follow in Instagram – found here
10 Creative Instagram accounts to follow – found here
10 Food Instagram accounts to follow – found here
The above pictures are on my Pinterest – Now Then Whenever board

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