Home – City / Mix

It is a lot easier looking at property when you know you can’t buy. I think you tend to look just a little more outside your requirements and think differently. You are not as much concerned about potential or investment.

On that note, I spotted this apartment, which I think has both. I love the layout, location, oh, and the high ceilings. What do you think? A price comparison could be this apartment.

It probably needs a bit of a refresh, though there isn’t many pictures to look at online, this is what I am thinking….. oh and I am tempted to paint the ceiling either black or white.

For the kitchen, I would spray paint the cabinets matt black, the walls a mute grey, keep the white tops and add some low lights. Like the below.

Pinned here

For the dining area  I would put in some low lighting like below to section the area off.

Pinned here

For the living area, it might be nice to make it relaxed and a little bohemian like below.

Pinned here

For the bedrooms, it may be best to keep them simple like these…

Pinned here

And maybe the bathrooms also simple like the below.

Pinned here

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