Home – Mix
Well this is an interesting apartment. It is winter and there is not much on the market, but for some reason this is still on offer at $798k. Yes it is south facing and the internal is only 55sqm with only 1 bed and 1 bath, but I think the size of the courtyard more than makes up for it. What do you think? I would aim to purchase it for $750k.
So given the below current state…..

this is what I would do….

For the courtyard, bring in some more big pots with leafy trees that act like a canopy and can provide some privacy from the high rise (viewed from the bedroom)

All the above pinned here

For the kitchen, add some character with mirrors and injecting colour, like the below.

Pinned here
Blogged here 
The living and dining, I would envisage as a simple clean look like the below
Pinned here
The bedroom to stay modern and sleek, like the below, but adding a touch of grey to the walls.
Pinned here
The bathroom to be added some warm, with some colour, like below. 
Pinned here

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