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This That Whatever – Lifestyle

Here are some interesting articles that I found on the weekend.

In the US there is a dating a relationship site that helps plan offbeat dates for couples – Howaboutwe. Read about one experience here.

And if you didn’t know about what conscious uncoupling is, have a look at it in GIFs.

Then take a look at these charts of how different cultures negotiate.

One which is a bit closer to where I am now, is the seven tips to making more mindful purchases. I have only managed to make 5 purchases so far this year. 5 more than I was intending. Lets see how I go for the next quarter.

Did you know the creed of the Hotel Tumbleweed is – Give what you can and take what you need. You can read more about staying overnight at the Shakespeare and Company shop, here. Yes, sleep overnight in a bookshop.

Here is a link to some interesting reads. Also I like this one – Un-Program your Thinking.

And this makes me think we really are in a changing world. There is an app for storytelling. Found here.

I am enjoying listening to this Parisienne Playlist on Spotify. Found here. And also from Garance I like , I am not judging

Found here

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