Now Then Whenever

Now Then Whenever – Music/Inspire

I haven’t done a Music post for a while, but check out this site. Fantastic!! – Un hear it. A website to replace that catch song in your head. Guaranteed by me. Found here

Oddly this alcohol ad was also enjoyable to watch… care of here.

But this is the best find ever… 30 Fantastic Websites to take care of the job boredom for a while.

Then on another track altogether…. read this article about, Think Big, Start Small. But don’t move from that site, because there is another interesting article from there. Want to Meet More People? Make Things

Oh, but wait one more. Have you hear of Smart Girls at the Party? I hadn’t, but I am looking forward to following it. Found here.

Then check out this video – Empathy and Sympathy, Do you know the difference? Found here

I can’t say I not a worrier at all, but reading this Worry Worry Worry Too Much article made me think, maybe I am on the border line. I have had similar thoughts. But getting back to a way to interact with the real world, I am liking these – 9 places I’d like to travel to

Whilst we are on the subject of holiday’s check out this list of 23 Best Airbnb listings.

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