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I like to have some creative work in my job, and this photo would be an inspiring place to work. But, as yet, that is not possible.

Found here

So, in the meantime, I will continue to be organised for my job and work on my blog to inspire. So, I found these interesting when I read them.

How To Write a Better Goals List
How to Write a Better To-Do List

Then whilst I was trying to find ways to be motivated/more creative at work I read this. 5 keys to being an exceptional Executive Assistant (though I already know this, it is worth to note to keep me focused):

Be Organized
  • Keep lists, especially a to-do list.
  • Take notes in meetings and during phone calls. I always keep a pad of paper next to my phone and take it with me when he calls me into his office.
  • Use a monthly calendar book to keep track of work that is only done once a month or once a year.
  • To help out my boss, I take notes on things that we discuss that need done even if I am not the one completing the task. I cross out the duty when it is completed. This helps me follow up on the tasks to make sure he did them and is a huge help considering that he is very forgetful.

Prioritize/Time Management

  • Know the dues dates and time limits on your projects. Make sure you have all the information you need at your fingertips before beginning the project.
  • If your boss asks you to do something, do it right away. This is an unspoken rule in my office.
  • I always review my to-do list every morning to prioritize my day and I spend the last 15 minutes of my day updating my to-do list for tomorrow.

Think Ahead

  • You should always be one step ahead of your boss. After you get to know him, you will probably know what questions he’s going to ask you before he does, this way you can be prepared and look smart at the same time.
  • Be on your toes, ready to jump and help out when needed.

Be Productive

  • Learn to multi-task, this will help you save time.
  • Have a plan for your workload and be flexible if an emergency happens.

Work Quickly and Efficiently

  • Have a sense of urgency in everything you do, work swiftly.
  • Once you know the ins and outs of your job responsibilities and tasks start picking up the pace and try to streamline some of the processes you use to get your job completed.

Then there were some points on getting to know your Executive: (Frankly it is exhausting just reading it, no?):

Gain Their Trust
  • Be discreet and remember to be confidential when dealing with personal issues. It shows tackiness and low-class when an assistant gossips with the rest of the office about their executive’s private matters.
  • Being dependable is another part of gaining their trust. Always be reliable.
  • Know Their Quirks
  • Get to know your executive, their likes and dislikes.
  • Soak up as much information as possible.


  • Don’t be afraid to ask your executive questions or to speak up and make suggestions.
  • If you don’t understand something, ask right away. Executives hate nothing more than the person who doesn’t ask questions and tries to get the job done on what they “think” the executive wants. It’s better to ask too many questions than none at all. This also shows that you are thinking through the process.
  • Tell him what is on your to-do list. If I have too much going on and my brain just cannot wrap around it all, he will usually help me prioritize my work.

Be Totally Committed

  • Be accommodating, go out of your way to get things done.
  • Be present in your job mentally. Don’t think that you can come to work and that this is “just a job”. Think of it as a smart career move.
  • Learn about the industry and your company, this way you will know what you are talking about and can contribute some decent input.
  • Be flexible, if your executive asks you to work late or to run an errand, don’t complain in front of him. Just do it and get it over with.

Be Calm, Cool and Collected

  • Be the problem solver and remember to use positive thinking. When your executive is freaking out about something, he may not be levelheaded at the moment and it will be your responsibility to set things straight.
  • Be sensible, stay calm, and talk in composed tones. Never get dramatic when discussing a situation with your executive. This shows that you just want to solve the problem and move on.

Then, did you also read this article. I thought these points were interesting…

  • Develop your confidence by understanding your strengths and successes
  • Acknowledge your weaknesses but don’t be ashamed by them
  • Identify the barriers standing in the way of becoming a great leader and create a plan to overcome them
  • “Develop a strong internal compass” by recognising who you really are and by being clear on your values
  • Stop comparing yourself to others because that undermines your self-esteem
  • “Question your own biases” by challenging any unfair generalisations of the female gender that you may have personally formed
  • Take responsibility by admitting you can’t change what happens to you, but you can change how you respond to it
  • Learn to have crucial and honest conversations
  • Rather than becoming defensive or aggressive, choose instead to embrace vulnerability as part of the process of being authentic
  • Be the kind of boss that inspires other women to work for you by being fair, consistent, collaborative, informed, caring, and “capable of tough love in order to help others reach their potential”

Then moving away from work, I like these words of wisdom.

Words of advice to bloggers. Another here and here. I like these tips and tricks.

Advice on Collaborating or investing in your business,

Ideas on how to regain creativity or resolve to be happy

4 questions you must ask yourself – found here

Some resolutions here and here

And for something little different – How to be your own brandHow I Organize My Magazine Clippings and Stress Free Weekly Dinner Planning

Or for something more physical what about a bit of a workout. I personally am on an addiction to my pedometer. I can’t leave home without it. I am on a quest to do 10,000 steps per day and with all the changes I have been thru last year it has been the one thing that has stuck.
Anyway, on a recent walk,I picked up the latest Elle Decoration and found this interesting article from the Editor-in-Chief, Michelle Ogundehin (previously blogged here and here). I feel like I have to go for another walk after reading it.


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