Home/Eat/Wear/Whatever/Whenever/Wherever and 2 surprises

As part of my homework for Blog Boss, a blogging e-course provided by Decor8, I am going to show you 8 blogs that rock and why. Two are from the course.

Home – Abigail Ahern
Because she is all about the home and stretches my way of thinking. Oh and she is totally passionate about what she does, writes about it and lives it.

Found here

Eat – Island Menu
It looks delicious, it is easy to make, it is in season for the Southern Hemisphere and it is living the moment. Very agrarian like.

Found here

Wear – Vanessa Jackman
Street Style has captured me totally. I love it. Vanessa has an expertise in photography and blogs about it. Along with Fashion Vanessa pops in some photos of the locations she visits.

Found here

Whatever- Etymologie
I love Anthropologie, and I think their blog is a wonderful representation of the brand and obviously the staff that work there, as they upload images to reflect their interpretation of a word. This example is Textile

Found here

Whenever – Note to Self
Humour and advise together with great graphics works for me.

Found here

Wherever – Pret a Voyager
I have only recently discovered this blog and I love it because, she is living France, learning the language, showing new ways to explore what is around you, and it is all presented creatively.

Found here

Then these blogs are what I have found inspiring in my blog class.

Gumshoe – Life certainly has it ups and downs and frankly sometimes more that it should, but if you weren’t curious or didn’t take note, that would be dull. I like Gumshoe‘s direction and gumption and look forward to reading what is next in life’s mysteries.

Found here

Artful Blue – I love Art. Artful Blue is a blog by an artist and a dedicated art lover, recording it all as well as inspiring her in her work.

Found here


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