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This is an interesting concept that they have introduced to the simple box unit. I might have liked to have the kitchen side wall filled with books and once it is revealed on the other side with the fireplace there is a tv. But also when you slide the wall away there is a walkway to a bathroom.

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Home – Feature (Bookshelves/Country)

I look at this picture and I think of the following:
1. I would love to cover my doors with books.
2. It is calming to look at and speaks of a wealth of knowledge and interesting finds. I should read more.
3. It feels calm and just makes you want to have a hot cup of tea with a sweet treat and delve in.

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Then put it in a cottage in this location and I would be super happy!

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Here There Wherever

Here There Wherever – Location (Istanbul, Turkey)

Day 10 – Bosphorus Tour (Last Day)

We departed and went under the Galata Bridge and this is looking back.

Looking up at Taksim

The Ritz Carlton Tower

This is the Dolmabache Palace, but we are going over to the other side of the Bosphorus to pick up people and we will return to this point.

Dolmabache Palace

Moving along the Bospohorus

Another amazing Palace

Rumelian Castle

You pass under 2 of these amazing bridges, but look what is under it!

We have turned around now and are travelling back on the Asian side.

Another amazing Palace on the Asian Side. I just love those gates. Reminds me of The Sound of Music.

Must be a government building


You can see the Blue Mosque



Looking back at the Dolmabache Palace again

Topkapi Palace in the back there.

Day 11 – Depart Istanbul for Sydney (23hr flight via Singapore)

I found posts about another Turkey trip here, hereherehere and here which you may also like.

Here There Wherever

Here There Wherever

Here There Wherever – Location (Istanbul, Turkey)

Day 7 – Nisantasi (Rest Day/Shopping)

Day 8 – Ancient Ephesus

Another early start this morning.

We start at the Basilica

Here is the Odeon

In the far there you can see the Temple of Domitian,  Domitian Square and Fountain of Pollio

Memmius Monument

Curetes Street

Hercules Gate

Fountain of Trojan

Scholastica Baths

Temple of Hadrian


Making my way up the Terrace Houses. More details here


Coming back down from The Terraces

After descending the Terraces, I am looking back up to my right at Curetes Street

In front of Celsus Library

Celsus Library

Marble Road

Looking back at the Terraces from Marble Road

Ephesus Theatre & Stadium

Arcadian Street

Theatre Gumnasium

Day 8 – Basilica of St John

A mosque outside the St. John Basilica

Day 8 –Temple of Artemision

Heading back to Izmir and looking back at Ephesus Theatre

Here There Wherever